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REA of Idaho Benefits

South West Units

Emmett, Squaw Butte

Joanna Clausen & Marjean Wafford

Value of Hours: $276,485.36

Contact Person: Joanna Clausen,
(208)369-1275, joannaclausen@gmail.com

Meetings: Fourth Monday of each month except Aug, Dec, & May (3rd Mon)
Location: Usually First Presbyterian Church hall in Emmett. Time: 11:30, Reservations needed. Cost $8.00
Dues: $25 ($15 state, $10 local)

Programs For 2017-2018

SEPT 25: Out of the Stone Age, Connie Couch & husband talk about rock hunting, polishing, and making jewelry.
For door prizes bring homemade or garden goodies.

OCT 23: We Are Winners! Members Brenda and Roy Hansen will share their trip to Washington, D.C. to be honored by AARP/NRTA for the Warm Clothes for Kids project.
Door prizes: bring something that reflects your ancestral heritage.
Service Project: Bring warm clothes for kids.

NOV 27: Marching to Machu Pichu. Travelogue presented by Mary and Pete Pawlick.
Door prizes: Mug Me - Bring a mug with something warm in it.
Service project: Cheer baskets: bring money or non-perishables to help needy families.

DEC 18: Christmas Carols sung by a chorous of lovely voices;
Door Prizes: Gamble on a Gift. Buy something you really want, wrap it up and hope it will be your door prize. Cookie
Exchange: bring a dozen or more cookies and take home the same amount!

JAN 22:" Inside Out" . A non-profit beauty salon in Eagle who funds programs to help youth being exploited by human traffickers.
Door Prizes: Re-given gifts. Bring something you were given, but may be better appreciated by someone else.
College Day: wear your colors! Play your school's fight song! Do a Cheer! Wave a Pennant!

FEB 26: Money Matters, Emily Valle' of the BBB will give us ideas about avoiding Scammers and protecting our money.
Door Prizes: Bring one or more books that you loved and want to share. Also, bring BOOKS FOR KIDS! These will go to school libraries.

March 19: Grant Money at work. Presentations by teachers who received grants last year. Door Prizes: Antique-ish - bring something older than you are.

April 16: Ola Bound: Enjoy this return visit to the Ola meeting.
Door Prizes: Puzzles of all kinds to share with your fellow reired educators!

April 19: Regional Congerence in Boise. Details will follow.

May 21: Verterans Honors. Learn about Janie and Paul Schaut's amazing work collecting records on all the Gem County native service members. The documents stored in the historical museum are of incredible scope and depth. All veterans in attendance will be honored.
Door Prizes: That's Entertainment. Bring gift cards, tickets, DVD's, CD's that will provide entertainment for the members who receive them.

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